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ME30 Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

Today I’m sharing a short review on the ME30 Lab Grown Diamond Necklace.

Hi everyone I hope you are doing well. I was recently sent some new jewellery from ME30 an earth friendly sustainable jewellery brand, and I wanted to share a short review and some images of the pieces.

You may have seen quite a few lab grown diamond jewellery pieces recently as it’s a fairly new invention, and a more sustainable and ethical way to buy brand new diamond jewellery. Many responsible jewellery brands are stocking lab grown diamond jewellery now and below I will share some facts about lab grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Benefits

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, they have the same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds except they are created in a lab vs mined from the earth.

Lab grown diamond are a more affordable and sustainable alternative to diamonds mined from the earth and come without any of the worries of tracing where it has originated from or whether it could have been a conflict diamond.

You can get a better diamond for your money when buying a lab grown diamond vs a brand new natural diamond. Lab grown diamond can be created to a flawless finish as it’s made in a controlled environment, resulting in a brighter more sparkly diamond.

ME30 Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

The timeless lab grown diamond necklace from ME30 is a classic piece available in gold or silver colourway, with a single lab grown diamond solitaire pendant. The timeless diamond necklace currently comes in two sizes 0.3ct, which is the one I have here and a smaller size the 0.10ct.

ME30 Timeless Lab Grown Diamond Necklace 0.30ct Review

I absolutely love the timeless and elegant design of the necklace and love the way it catches the light when I wear it. It’s so sparkly and pretty and elevates every outfit. A classic solitaire necklace like the timeless lab grown diamond necklace is a piece that will never date and can be worn alone like I have styled it here, or you could stack it with other diamond necklace to make more of a statement look.

ME30 Timeless Lab Grown Diamond Necklace 0.30ct Lab created diamond.

I am really happy with this beautiful lab diamond solitaire necklace and look forward to wear it for years to come. I have the added piece of mind that my ME30 jewellery is covered by a 10 year guarantee too.

ME30 Minimalism Beats Bracelet

Another piece I chose to add to my jewellery collection is the ME30 Minimalism Beats bracelet with 4mm pearls. I am already a huge fan of the handcrafted e-pearl jewellery from ME30. I did another blog post about their sustainable pearls a while ago I really enjoy the pearl jewellery pieces that I have from ME30.

ME30 Minimalism Beats 4mm Pearl Bracelet

The Minimalism beats bracelet is really beautiful piece of jewellery. I think it will be the perfect bracelet for accessorising spring and summer outfits. It has a sliding closure which makes the bracelet adjustable for many wrist sizes as well as looking great it’s very comfortable to wear.

I hope you like the pieces featured. ME30 ships internationally with additional benefits if you sign up to the ME30 Members loyalty scheme. Benefits include free shipping and a special discount for your birthday and everyday membership discount.

ME30 Jewellery Review

Let me know your favourite piece in the comments section below. Shop with ME30 here.

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