The Best Ethical Clothing Brands for a Planet Fashion
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The Best Ethical Clothing Brands for a Planet Fashion

AD | Guest Post – The Best Ethical Clothing Brands for a Planet Fashion

Consumers have become overly conscious about their purchases. Nowadays, they channel the power of vocalised objections to create a positive difference for the ones involved in designing clothes. The past decade has shown plenty of new fashion brands emerging that support sustainable and ethical practices. 

For a fashionable planet, there has to be various alternatives to any ethical clothing brand. Sustainable clothing is efficient these days because of growing environmental changes. Products used in sustainable consumption are non-toxic and minimise natural resource use. Fashion brands are central to the garment mission to produce a transparent and honest fashion planet. Some of the best ethical clothing brands that have come up with certifications are listed below.


TWOTHIRDS is a Spanish brand based in Barcelona. The brand is trendy for its sustainable clothing. They feel fashion is a feeling, and to make it stop fading away, they use recyclable products and sustainable materials to lower the toxic impact on the planet. They are ethically eco-conscious and offer a wide range of products, including swimwear made from recycled polyamide. These clothes are made with extensive care and designed with creativity and high-quality materials. 


The brand is based in Toronto, Canada. Regarding ethics, it specialises in BCI-certified organic cotton, certified B corp, plastic-free packaging, fair labor standards, and OEKO-TEX non-toxic dyes. The clothing brand is suitably the best for the Egyptian cotton wardrobe. The most available products with Kotn are loungewear, adult basics, and accessories. 

You can add luxury to your wardrobe with Kotn’s basic fabrics. They create their garments in a completely safe environment, making products organic and ensuring quality manufacturing. 


The brand is based in California, the United States. Talking about ethics, it specialises in deadstock, sustainable materials, GOTS certification for organic materials, ethical production practices, and recycled packaging. Vetta is best for capsule wardrobes. 

Vetta brings you to create your thoughtful wardrobe with innovative and designer shopping apparel. You can create your Vetta wardrobe and leave it for 30+ years. 


The brand is based in Paris, France. Talking about ethics, it specialises in fair labor standards, Certified B corp, OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified sustainable and organic materials, recycling program, and recyclable packaging. Sézane is best for women’s dresses and knitwear. The product ranges with the brand are available from handbags, shoes, apparel, and accessories. 

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