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Zara Lace Up Roman Flat Sandals …… Believe the hype!

A short review of my new ZARA lace up flat sandals

Here are my recent Zara Sale purchases 2 pairs of the lace up roman flat sandals in 2 colours! Natural leather and Blue Snake Effect. They have been very popular within the blogger community and all over Instagram so I finally took the plunge and purchased them before it was too late and they were gone forever!

So far I have had the most wear out of the Blue snake print version, purely because I feel that they will take more wear than the nude leather ones being a darker colour. The nude version are real leather and the blue ones are faux leather.  The original price for them were £39.99 and I purchased them for £25.99 in the sale so not a bad discount!

FullSizeRender (18)

They are not the most comfortable sandals I have ever had as they have given me some pain with them having a closed back but after a few wears they have softened and the issue has now gone away. I think this is the case with most shoes when you first get them.

Lace up sandals have been a huge trend this summer and now getting towards the end of the season I can see that the lace up trend is being transferred onto flat shoes which I love.

I am unable to post links now to the ZARA Lace Up Flat Sandals page for the sandals as within the time of me ordering them and writing this review they have now sold out! There are still lots of great items on offer in the sale though so its always worth a look to see what you may find. Did you get anything good in the recent Zara summer sales? Let me know in the comments section below.


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