5 reasons to shop at sezane
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5 Reasons That I Do and Don’t Like Shopping At Sezane

Today I’m sharing a shopping experience review in 5 reasons that I do and don’t like shopping at Sezane.

Hey everybody I hope you are well. I wanted to share a review of the French fashion brand Sezane as I have been regularly shopping there for quite some time now and although this review features both positive and negative points, it still remains to be one of my favourite places to shop at the moment. This post is not a collaboration or anything like that just sharing my personal thoughts and shopping experience.

5 Reasons That I Do and Don’t Like Shopping At Sezane

I do like shopping at Sezane because:

  • Overall the quality of the clothes at Sezane is very good. The materials used to produce the clothes are high quality and the clothes are made to last more than a season. I have bought many items from Sezane and have only received a couple of faulty items and in those cases the customer care was very good and the issues were sorted out and they stand behind their products.
  • The clothing at Sezane fits well and you can usually predict the sizing if you have shopped with them previously. There is always a comment on the item page to suggest whether you should buy your usual size or if the item is running smaller or bigger than the size that you would typically buy. They also offer free returns from the UK so if something isn’t quite right then it’s easy to return.
  • The Sezane packaging feels special but not over the top. The items always come well protected in a box with a nice design but not with excessive or plastic packaging.
  • They are transparent with the factories they work with and actually have a page on the website sharing the factories that they work with. Sezane are also a B Corp which meet the highest standards of environmental performance and public transparency.
  • They have the most beautiful knitwear collection with so many colours and prints. The knitwear is my favourite thing to buy from Sezane and I have some sweaters in my wardrobe that are 4 years old now and I still wear regularly.

I don’t like shopping at Sezane because:

  • The clothes are fairly expensive, this is a good and bad thing really, as the price is reflected in the quality and sustainable practices used to make them. It makes them expensive everyday clothes but if you invest in them then they last a long time and you are not buying into fast fashion.
  • The shipping at Sezane is usually quite slow. Although I usually opt for next day shipping via DHL which takes 24 hours from when it gets collected to arrive at my door, it can sometimes take up to 2 weeks for Sezane to prepare and despatch the parcel especially if a new collection has been launched or the archives sale has just started.
  • Many of the clothes are either hand wash or dry clean, which means you have to be a little more mindful when looking after the clothes. I usually tend to avoid buying the fabrics that are dry clean only if they are going to be used for everyday wear and I hand wash all of my knitwear.
  • Certain items sell out within minutes of a collection being released. Sezane has a cult following and often an item can be so hard to buy. From a sustainability point it’s good as they don’t overproduce the clothes but it can get annoying if there is an item you really love and just can’t get hold of it.
5 reasons to shop at sezane

I hope this is helpful and I would love to hear about your own experience if you have shopped with Sezane? Let me know in the comments section below.

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