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Blue And Green Should Never Be Seen

Modern fashion is all about breaking rules right? Well there are some rules that are just there to be kept, but there are also rules that seem a little dated now and they are there to be broken.

One rule that I love to break is pairing blue and green together. This is reflected in today’s outfit where I am not just pieceing different coloured items with each other, but the actual print on the tee contains the blue and green colours.

Another rule that I always break and so do a lot of fashionistas, is never wear black and blue together. I really love the contrast of black and blue and think it can look luxurious and stylish. I especially love navy and midnight blues next to black.

My outfit today features a Boden Easy printed Tee, Jeans, Draped Coat, and my new Green Zara Oval Messenger Bag. I had seen this bag on the Zara Website and overlooked it until I saw a friend on Instagram carrying it. It looked so lovely and such a great price that I had to get it. I think this is going to sell out fast as the must have Zara items usually do.

Full outfit details as usual at the bottom of the post.

Casual Boden Outfit

Zara Outfit

Long Thick Hair

Zara Oval Messenger Bag Biden Easy Tee

Zara Sparkly Sunglasses


Zara Oval Messenger Bag


Outfit details

Boden Easy Printed Tee

H&M draped jacket

Next Skinny Jeans

Zara Oval Messenger Bag

Zara High Heel Court Shoes

Zara Metallic Sunglasses


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