Butterfly Twists Fold Up ballerina flats

Brand Focus Butterfly Twists Ballet Pumps

Today I’m doing a brand focus post all about Butterfly Twists Ballet Pumps.

When I came across this brand I new that they would make a fabulous “Brand Focus” post, and just jumped at the chance to try a pair out to show you here on Jacquard Flower.

How many times have you been wearing heels and wishing you had a pair of flats small enough to fit on your bag? I know I have many times. These Ballet Pumps by Butterfly Twists solve just that problem.

When they arrived in the post, I actually thought that they were something completely different, as the box looked small enough to contain jewellery and was so light! As you can see below the box comparing to a small bottle of perfume.

Fold Up ballet pumps

Then the box opens out to this.

Comfortable ballerina flats


They even come with a little bag so you are able to put them in your bag discreetly.

I am so taken with these little fold up ballerinas. They would take up hardly any space at all in your bag. They are really stylish and beautifully made too, from soft leather and quilted inside the shoe for comfort too.

I couldn’t capture the inside of the shoe so please refer to the Butterfly Twists website for that photo. They are so comfortable to wear.

Butterfly Twists Beige Ballerina Flats

Butterfly Twists Fold Up ballerina flats

I hope you enjoyed today’s brand focus all about Butterfly Twists Ballet Pumps. I will be styling them soon!

The Alexandra Ballet Pumps were a gift from Butterfly Twists, but all opinions in this post are mine.

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