Caviar for one ring by UK jewellery designer Lisette Burm

Caviar For One Ring

Today I’m sharing a short review on the Caviar For One Ring by jewellery designer Lisette Burm.

Hi everyone. I’m back today with a new jewellery brand, a short jewellery review of the silver ring that I was recently sent by Lisette Burm a UK jewellery designer, and a short interview with Lisette.

Caviar For One Ring

The Caviar For One Ring is a bespoke piece of jewellery that was hand crafted for me by Lisette Burm. The Caviar For One Ring is made using the lost wax casting method and is available in recycled sterling silver or brass, in which I opted for sterling silver.

This ring is available along with some other stunning pieces of jewellery over on the designer’s website, where each ring is made to order, meaning that even though you are buying the designed ring, no two pieces will be the same. They are designed and made for you in a size of your choice, making each Caviar For One Ring totally unique to you.

There is also a small collection of ready to order and one off pieces for customers who would like something delivered a little bit more quickly, perhaps a last minute gift or just a piece that you see and love and would like to buy. I personally love the collection of hoop earrings and sea shell pendants.

Lisette Burm Caviar For One Ring and Packaging

The Caviar For One ring arrived to me beautifully packaged in the signature LB Jewellery pouch which is great for storing my ring in when not being worn.

Having followed the step by step process from the initial design in wax to the finished piece, I was hugely impressed by the service and attention to detail from Lisette.

The whole process from start to finish took approximately 4 weeks. Lisette sent me a weekly update from when she crafted the ring from wax, and after each step along the way where she sent the ring to be cast in sterling silver, when it arrived back to her for inspection and finishing touches. After she was totally happy with the finish, it was sent off for hallmarking and shortly after it was on its way to me in the post.

Please see the images for a look at the step by step process from design to finished piece!

The making of the Caviar For One Ring by Lisette Burm - Lost Wax Casting

The design started with Lisette showing me a piece that she had already made and then proceeded with making my ring in wax.

Lisette Burm UK jewellery Designer making a caviar for one ring from wax and sterling silver

Then the wax ring was sent to be cast in sterling silver. I loved seeing the different steps involved in making my ring and as you can see there is a lot of detail and care taken to finish the ring to perfection!

I absolutely love the finished piece! My Caviar For One Ring as you can see from the pictures, is a beautiful statement ring and I will enjoy wearing it for years to come. It is such a unusual and amazing piece that definitely has a wow factor!

Lisette Burm Sterling SIiver Caviar For One Ring

I have been lucky enough to be able to speak to Lisette Burm herself and ask her some questions about herself and her work in a mini interview below. I hope you find this as interesting as I have.

An interview with jewellery designer Lisette Burm

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your jewellery brand?

My name is Lisette and I am 33 years old. 

I was originally born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In my early twenties I moved to The United Kingdom to pursue my dream of becoming an air hostess. 

Twelve years on I still travel the world, I lead a team on board and enjoy the lifestyle that it brings me. 

My jewellery brand is very much a reflection of myself and my personality. I am a great lover of the bright and colourful things in life and I love to express myself in that way. 

All my pieces are designed and made by me by hand which means all my items are very personal and have been given a lot of thought and care. 

My passion definitely lies in making One Of A Kind pieces, treasures that are truly unique. 

My goal for this year is to expand to doing custom creations and working closely together with customers to make them something truly special and meaningful. 

How did you become a jewellery designer?

Despite still very much enjoying my career as cabin crew I have more recently felt a very strong sense that I wanted to put something out there into the world and make something with my own hands. 

I was looking for a different way to express my creativity and to challenge myself. 

I have always been surrounded and inspired by crafts-people in my life. Through their help and inspiration I have already tried my hand at jewellery making during my teenage years. 

Looking back on that experience now as an adult I decided to give it another go after realising how much pleasure and joy it brought me before. 

As a result I booked myself a jewellery course, practiced during every spare hour that I could find: the rest, as they say, is history. 

What made you venture into using silver and lost wax casting to create your jewellery?

When I first started making jewellery I was very daunted by all the different techniques and skills that came with silversmithing. Wax seemed like a very accessible material and something I felt I could probably master the easiest having no other skills in silversmithing prior. 

I was also completely in awe of the detail you could achieve through using wax and I really wanted to learn how to do that myself. 

The possibilities with wax are endless which makes it a very versatile material to work with and it can really help you express your imagination in a very refined but free way. 

The reason I work with recycled silver is because I firstly think it is not only beautiful, but also very durable and versatile. You can use silver in many different ways; you can cut your own shapes from a silver sheet, bend and shape silver wire, or melt the silver into any shape you desire. 

It is also easily accessible and for a small business that is a huge bonus. 

In the future I would like to expand to other metals like Gold but for now I’m sticking to my very trustworthy companion. 

What inspires your work and designs?

My ultimate goal is to convey my internal dreamworld through my pieces of jewellery. 

This dreamworld is fuelled by nature, fairytales, folklore, mythology, symbolism. But also travel, the people I meet along the way, my own feelings, my thoughts and dreams. 

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to buy their first piece of silver jewellery?

I’m definitely a true believer of choosing a piece of jewellery that really reflects yourself or your personality, not necessarily what is in fashion at the time. 

The best pieces I think are the ones that make a connection with you or with a specific memory that you hold dear. Those are the kind of pieces you’ll hold on to throughout your life, because they aren’t just a random choice. 

I would also recommend looking at small businesses when making your choice. 

The designers/makers of these small businesses put a lot of time, effort and care into their jewellery which in return means that you’ll be purchasing something which is of a very high standard and quality. 

Caviar for one ring by UK jewellery designer Lisette Burm

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you enjoyed discovering the amazing work of Lisette Burm. If you are interested in seeing more you can check out her website here.

Let me know your thoughts as always in the comments section below.

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