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CHANEL GST XL Grand Shopping Tote

This is a short post about my Chanel GST XL grand shopping tote.

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote XL

I lusted over this bag for a long time and finally last year bit the bullet and purchased it.

It is the largest sized GST available and is a little wider than it’s sister the standard GSTicon. It comes in a textured caviar leather. I chose this option as I was looking for it to last a long time and as it gets fairly heavy usage, I had got the reccomendation that the caviar leather was the one to go for if you are looking for a leather that is a little bit more carefree in comparison with Chanel lambskin. There was a choice between gold and silver hardware and I love both. I did go for the gold hardware as I feel it looks more like classic Chanel.

Chanel GST XL Review

The main differences between the standard GSTicon and GST XL is the size and the fact that the XL version does have little gold feet which protect the bottom of the bag whereas the standard does not have the feet. This is by far the nicest bag I own and the most classic. I love it so much and I hope to get many, many years wear from it. I’m finding its just starting to get a slightly more slouchy shape to it compared to when it was brand new which I really like.

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It’s a really useful bag to take around everyday as it fits a lot in it. It can fit a small Laptop inside along with the usual make-up, purse, water bottle etc. I try not to overload it as it can get really heavy and I really don’t want it to go too out of shape.

Thanks for reading about my Chanel GST XLicon grand shopping tote, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Gemma x

Chanel GST XL

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