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Dario Scapitta Design 3D Printed Jewellery

Today I have a special post for you. I’m introducing a new brand to the blog, Dario Scapitta Design, and I have also been lucky enough to interview Dario Scapitta here on the blog.

The Jewellery industry have evolved so much within the last few years and one of the new techniques that are used to create jewellery is 3D printing. Dario Scapitta Design has a great selection of unique printed jewellery made from 3D printed Nylon.

Dario kindly gifted me this red snake necklace from the Snake Collection. I love how much of a statement it makes when styled with my black wrap dress and some black barely there sandals. The benefits of wearing 3D printed jewellery is it’s very light and flexible and feels very comfortable. It has a gorgeous look and texture.

Dario took some time out to answer a few questions for this post. Check it out below!

Dario Scapitta Design Nylon Printed Jewellery

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself/ brand?


I’m born in Valenza, Italy, almost 41 years ago. Here I’ve studied jewelry design at the high school and then I’ve studied costume and set design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.

Six years ago I’ve moved in The Netherlands and here I’ve started in September 2012 my independent brand DSD – Dario Scapitta Design.

For more than 15 years I’m working as a jewelry designer and in the last 10 years I’ve got the opportunity to discover the 3d print technology.  I love to design elegant and contemporary body ornaments using innovative materials as 3d printed nylon or 3d printed stainless steel or combining each other. Every piece is designed starting by sketches, 3d modelling, prototypes and tests until to get a final object which is always hand finished.Red Choker Outfit

How did you become a jewellery designer?


If you are born in Valenza you must have to do something involved with jewelry field. This small town is known for its jewelry craftsmanship. My entire family was working in the field, as goldsmith. So this is the reason why at the I became a jewelry designer too. It was in my blood, I could not change this, and I love it and I’m proud the get the opportunity to build up my artistic background in this way.Red Statement Necklace

What made you venture into using 3D print to create your jewellery?

Before starting my brand I knew the opportunity to create wearable object made by 3d printed nylon, a material that I love because its lightness and texture. I’ve then decided that was the perfect material to start to experiment with and designing some collection. You can create very complex forms that you cannot create by hand so fast, but you can also design and create simple shapes. I’m now focused on creating using 3d printed metal collection, metal gives always a different feeling for jewelry, and with my new collection I will combine metals with a different material.Dario Scarpitta Design 3d Printed Snake Necklace

Jewellery has managed to pretty much avoid the intrusion of technology for a long time, keeping to traditional crating methods how do you feel the industry, makers and consumers can embrace such a major change?

Actually 3d printing technology has been used since very long time in the jewelry field, of course for all those companies that were economically able to invest in this technology. But now that it is become more affordable many jewelry companies are using this technology. Especially in during the developing and prototyping process it helps a lot of designers and makes to testing proportions and all other details until to get the right master shape that will used for production or it will be the final product.Interview with Dario Scarpitta Design

What inspires you everyday?


Everything is surrounding me, above all Nature, Arts, design and fashion. All of these are my sources of inspiration. I get from them many inputs which I will then elaborate and transform into a wearable object. Inspiration is the ability to get the right signal from something you see, you hear or you feel. Make it yours and keep it inside, let it grow until it becomes something different, adjust it, test it and make it whatever method you are using.3D Printed Choker

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to become a jewellery designer?


Be yourself, believe in your idea, love what you are doing and to work with other people, share your idea. If it is your passion, just follow it until you can and do not be afraid to do something wrong or mistakes, you may learn a lot from mistakes.

Dario Scapitta Design Choker

Where can we find your work?


You can find my works on www.darioscapittadesign.com ! I hope to have some retailers in UK soon, who knows?…

Outfit Details

Choker – c/o Dario Scapitta Design

Midi Dress


I hope you like the outfit and have enjoyed discovering Dario Scapitta Design 3D printed jewellery. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you Dario for your time in the interview and for my beautiful necklace.

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