Dr Paw Paw tinted pink peach Balm review

Dr Paw Paw Tinted Peach Pink Balm Review

Today’s post is my Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink Balm Review.

This is a product that I received as a gift in the Mother’s Day Hamper I received last week. I really like the product so I thought I would do a small review on it and show you a little more.

Dr.PAWPAW is a company that sells beauty products made from fermented Paw Paws which have natural healing properties. I have already tried the Dr.PAWPAW Original Multipurpose Balm quite a while ago and loved it. it can be used for many different things for example lips skin hair, beauty finishing, cuticles and many more. I loved it and used up the whole tube really quickly. The Dr.PAWPAW tinted balm range is new to me, I hadn’t heard about it until I got it sent through. This is the same balm as the original but with a tint. This can be used on lips and cheeks more like a tinted lip balm or blush.

What I wasn’t expecting when I first used it was how pigmented it is in it’s natural form. You only need a little but when you apply and it goes on quite sheer. To get a more dramatic result, you can build it to get a stronger colour.

I think it’s a great everyday product to use when you feel that a lipstick may look too much and you just want a nice shiny lip tint.

The price is £6.95 and you get quite a big tube so I feel it would last a long time and good for the price. A little Dr.PAWPAW goes a long way!


Dr ~Paw Paw Tinted Peach Pink Balm swatch

My only negative would be that some Dr.PAWPAW products contain petrolatum, which some people try avoid in their products so please bear that in mind.


I hope you enjoyed reading my Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink Balm Review. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dr Paw Paw Tinted Pink Peach Balm Review

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