Today’s outfit is my version of dressing down a formal coat.

I like to find multiple ways to wear my clothes, especially outerwear, and in this post I dressed down quite a formal coat in a casual style.

Dressing Down A Formal Coat

I have already featured this Zara coat a couple of weeks ago in this previous outfit post where I paired the coat with some jeans and mid heels for a more dressed up daytime look. Today I have layered it over black jeans and a tee and finished off the look with my trainers.

Trainers have become a really popular footwear choice over the last few years and for a good reason. They are so comfortable! There are many different styles of trainers available now and can even make an outfit look quite polished whilst remaining easy to wear and comfy! This would be a great look for a day when you are on your feet all day or just want to add an on trend feel to your look.

Times have changed when it comes to fashion. Trends come and go very quickly and there are no longer so many ‘rules’ surrounding what to wear and a lot of people opt to combine smart and casual items into their everyday looks. For example, a few years ago you wouldn’t find so many people wearing trainers with suits as they were more generally related as a professional or formal way to dress but now it’s a very trendy thing to combine the two. I always say fashion rules are there to be broken and I love wearing trainers with all sorts of clothes including dresses and skirts.

I hope you like the look and let me know your thoughts on dressing down a formal coat in the comments section below.

camel coat and black trainers outfit

Camel and orange winter coat

Zara caramel colour coat with Givenchy Antigona

Zara oversized camel coat outfit

Zara Coat with orange faux fur sleeves

Wearing a formal coat in a casual way

How to wear statement faux fur cuffs

Camel and black outfit

Zara wrap over camel coat

Dressing Down A Formal Coat

Outfit details

Coat with textured cuffs – Zara

Jeans and tee (old)

Bag – Givenchy

Trainers – AllSaints

Watch – Apple


Ringicon – Monica Vinader

  • Gabrielle

    Love how you’ve dressed down this coat – and what a gorgeous coat it is! Those faux fur cuffs are eveeeerything! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend Gemma!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Gabrielle x

  • Missy May

    Rules are there to be broken. Ha!! Fashion is meant to be fun anyways. A way to express one’s self. That is one chic coat on you Gemma.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much x

  • Jodie Filogomo

    I do this all of the time too Gemma!! It’s a fabulous way to get more mileage out of our outerwear!!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Jodie x

  • Mariann Yip

    I love the color of this coat and the fur detailing! Great casual style!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I love that coat and you dressed it down so well. Trainers are such a good investment and as you say, now we can wear so many combinations of things that once we never would have dreamed of putting together! Have a great weekend, Gemma! – Amy

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Amy x

  • Olga Olis

    This is such a great idea! I love the whole outfit!!!

    Olga from Myme

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Olga x

  • Itzel Najar
    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Itzel x

  • Marianne Sophia

    This coat looks great with trainers! Zara always have lovely coats, great outfit!

    Much love,
    Marianne x

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much x

  • Виктория

    As usual amazing post! Thanks a lot for sharing)

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • Zorica

    Love the coat. Very stylish and classy.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Zorica x

  • Shireen

    Love how chic and wearable the coat looks when it’s paired with sneakers and jean!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Shireen x

  • Jade Kelly

    Loving your style! The coat looks very snuggly and warm.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Jade x

  • Margot R

    I love the fur details on the sleeves, super cute !

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Margot x

  • The Heba Blog

    No need to dress down a dressy coat! Be fabulous no matter what!

    Heba xx
    The Heba

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Heba. x

  • Joanna Joy

    This is a great tip! There are so many stylish trainers to select from these days. You look so fabulous in your coat dear:) Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Joanna x

  • Candice @ Beauty Candy Loves

    I love the coat really pretty!

    Candice |

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Candice x

  • Lady B

    This is what I love about winter dressing, if you have a chic coat, you can dress it up or down at your lesiure. Loving the details on yours, especially the fur trim cuffs. Have a lovely Friday ( :

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks 🙂

  • NancysFashionStyle

    Love it! Have a great weekend Gemma!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Nancy, have a lovely weekend too xx

  • Marina Wang

    You did a fantastic job pairing this coat with jeans!
    You look gorgeous as well 🙂

    – Marina

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Marina x

  • Amy Eade

    I love dressing formal things down, a mix of styles always makes an outfit more interesting I think!
    Amy xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Amy x

  • Chiara Pannozzo

    I love this! I’m trying to do more of this kind of thing as I want to avoid having a dressy and casual wardrobe – I’d like as many mix and match pieces as I can. The whole look you’ve put together here is fab 🙂

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Chiara. Yes that’s my aim too at the moment. Have a great week x

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    What a great coat and so cool that it’s versatile!
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    Rosanna x

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Rosanna x

  • The Glossychic

    looking beautiful
    The Glossychic

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Wendee x

  • WhatWouldVWear

    So chic! Love how you dressed the coat! The coat is so pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Vanessa x

  • Bella Pummarola

    I love formal coats with casual outfits! Such a great look!

    Scent of Summer

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Bella x

  • Lesley Kim

    I love that coat on you. So chic!


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • The Fashion Folks

    Love the coat with the shoes! Great way of breaking the fashion rules and creating a wearable look! Have a lovely weekend Gemma! Xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Mia x

  • Mica

    That is a beautiful classic coat, and I think it looks lovely here with the casual outfit! Coats like this are great investments as they go with so much! 🙂 It’s a nice neutral too!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂 Going to be a little rainy here again but it should be a bit cooler too so I’m not complaining! The latest post on my blog is another #30wears one, showing 30 ways to wear a maxi skirt if you want to check it out 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Mica, I’m heading over to the blog to check it out x

  • Kate Mitchell

    Love this coat, looks so cosy xxx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Kate x

  • yuka

    I love the fur trim on the sleeves! so cute!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • Dressed With Soul

    Dear Gemma, it looks absolutely great how you styled your formal coat! And personally I’m happy that trainers have become that popular 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Rena x

  • Mercy

    This is actually comfy and chic in one. Love the combination, perfect on the way to work!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Mercy x

  • l’ambassadrice

    That coat is so lovely and looks beautiful on you! I love how you dressed it down 🙂

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • StyleToLove

    Absolutely in love with this!
    With love from Miami, Hadasah

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks xx

  • Rita Gallech

    Amazing look! and that coat is my fave
    Gros bisous

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Rita x

  • Susan Tran

    LOVE combining dressed up with dressed down, especially as a teacher. I want to look professional and put together, but when one of my 1st graders decides they want to rope me into a game of tag or football during recess, I’ve gotta be able to hold my own! This is the perfect combo for that!

    Susie |

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Susie x

  • Daiana Abagnale

    Yes, fashion is really so fast, so we have to be real to ourself and stop 🙂 this coat is perfect on you!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • vanity And Me

    Absolutely love this coat. You could wear anything with this and look showstopping.
    Laurie xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Laurie x

  • Emily

    This has really given me some serious inspiration – I have a gorgeous coat (also from Zara!) but I always feel its a bit duchessy so haven’t worn it too much. I’m definitely going to try wearing it with converse!

    Musings & More

    • Jacquard Flower

      That makes me so happy to hear Emily! Glad you are feeling inspired to try it with your coat. Gemma x

  • bonjourchiara

    This is why I think a camel coat is so versatile. It can look very chic but it can also be perfect to complete a casual look!! xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Chiara x

  • Comfycozyup

    Chic and the color is perfect….

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks 🙂

  • Jessica

    Loving your coat dear, looks so cozy and chic! The fur cuffs is such a cute touch too.

    Jessica |

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Jessica x

  • Виктория

    Thanks for the interesting post) Have a nice day)

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks 🙂

  • Nevena Krstic

    Your outfit is really cute! Sometimes I wear a casual outfit and a formal coat, but it’s warm and I like it haha 🙂 xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Nevena, have a great week x

  • sophie

    The coat is beautiful. Makes for a great outfit.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Sophie x

  • mahryska

    loving that coat!!
    kisses from the sandpit of dubai ❤︎

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • Dominique

    Loving your coat hunny! Those fluffy sleeves are amazing xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much hun x

  • Joti Singh

    Those fur cuffs are just too cute!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Joti x

  • idu

    A camel coat is life!!! I adore yours and how you styled it.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Idu x

  • Denise

    A very beautiful coat, I loved the cut, colour and cuffs! It looks very elegant, even though you wrote “dress down” – I loved the outfit! Sorry I was a bit absent, I had a 2-week break 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Denise x

  • Simone Foster

    What a gorgeous coat! Indeed its nice to dress down formal clothing. To play around with fashion. I love it!
    Simone xoxo

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Simone x

  • Katya Bychkova | StyleSprinter

    I like the formality of the coat and the casualness of the overall look. That is something that mesmerizes me, combining of different fashion concepts. Those are pretty nice shoes.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Katya x

  • Girl & Closet

    Oooh that coat!! I currently have it sitting in my Zara shopping cart and can’t wait to make it mine!! Plus absolutely love, love how you’ve styled yours!! xo

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • Elese

    That coat is PERFECTION! I love how you dressed it down, makes it so much more versatile <3

    elese |

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much x

  • Jessica

    I love the structure of the coat. So classic! Good job dressing it down!

    Jessica |

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Jessica x

  • Naomella

    You have dressed done this coat perfectly! I like this combination a lot! Wishing you a great evening my dear Gemma. xoxo

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much. Happy Monday xx