This post features 5 accessory trends for 2020 including eyewear.

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In this post I’m going to be talking about some of the most popular predicted accessory trends for 2020 including eyewear. When it comes to accessories it’s a great way to update your look and I always like to pick the trends that will easily blend with the items that I already own. My favourite way to accessorise has got to be eyewear and handbags so it’s always interesting to follow the trends in this area for me.

Five Accessory Trends for 2020


Whether you wear glasses everyday or just occasionally it’s nice to feel good in your glasses and get a pair that make you feel your best. You can find some great glasses at Mister Spex.  If you are a follower of fashion it’s always interesting to follow the current eyewear trends too, and one of the most popular trends forecasted for 2020 are transparent frames. The transparent frame glasses gained popularity in 2019 and they are a key glasses trend for 2020. Some other key glasses styles for 2020 are 70s style and oversized metal frames.

Mr Spex Gucci Grey Transparent Glasses

Gucci Transparent glasses frames – Image Via Mister Spex


There are a few new style of handbags that are coming back into style and including many of the vintage style bags. There have been a resurgence of vintage designs and many of the designers have launched an updated version of their most popular vintage handbags like the popular Gucci 1955 Horsebit shoulder bag. This seemed to rise in popularity since Dior bought back the Saddle bag in 2018. Many of the handbag designs of 2020 are reminiscent of the 70s era including the bag of the bucket bags. Another type of bag making a comeback are patent leather bags in both colour and classic neutrals.

Gucci Supreme 1955 Shoulder Bag Trend 2020

Image Via Gucci


Classic and timeless sunglasses are always in style but a popular trend for the upcoming spring and summer season are more colourful lenses and frames. Also as with many of the other accessories the 70s style sunglasses is also trending and is a popular choice.

Dior Stellaire 1 Sunglasses 2020 Trend

Dior So  Stellaire 1 Sunglasses – Image Via Mister Spex


A flower pin is a trend this season and has been seen featured in many of the spring collections including the classic Chanel Camellia. The flower pin looks great on your lapel or even on an accessory like a hat or handbag.

Chanel Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2020 Camellia on tweed jacket

Image Via Chanel Spring Summer 2020 Pre Collection


Moving into the spring and summer of 2020 raffia accessories are going to be a popular choice. For myself the raffia material has been a popular summer choice for a number of years now and also seem like a classic for the warmer months. There are many ways to wear this trend including bags, belts hats and many more.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2020 Raffia Bag and suit

Image Via Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2020

Thanks as always for reading five accessory trends for 2020 and let me know your favourite trend in the comments section below. Will you be accessorising with any of these this year?


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