Food Waste Philosophy book Shane jordan

Food Waste Philosophy By Shane Jordan Recipe Book Review

In this post I am sharing my thoughts on the book Food Waste Philosophy By Shane Jordan.

I was contacted by Shane Jordan and asked if I would like to review a copy of his new book the Food Waste Philosophy. Although I have never done a book review on the blog before, I did as it sounded really interesting and a unique topic for a book.

Shane Jordan is a Bristol based vegetarian chef. He has interests including recycling and environmental issues and his work in the book totally reflects this. His interest in food waste started when he was introduced to FoodCycle. He decided to take matters into his own hands and start making recipes from vegetable and fruit skins!

Shane does much good work in schools and educating children about his green message.

The book is basically about his work and ethics and how he has got to where he is today. It shares some tips on how to use leftovers wisely, about healthy eating and his own relationships with food. It also shares some of his amazing recipes including Banana Skin Curry and my favourite, Coconut Island Cakes which is available as a sample recipe over on his site.

It really makes you think about your own habits and makes you realise that with a little planning and thought you too can minimise your own food wastage.

You can buy the Food Waste Philosophy book on Amazon for £9.99

Food Waste Philosophy book Shane jordan

Food Waste Philosphy Book By Shane Jordan

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