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How To Make A Halloween Costume From Your Wardrobe

Halloween is coming closer and today I’m showing you how to make a Halloween Costume from your wardrobe.

Halloween costumes can be expensive and if you are only wearing it for one night a year can seem like a pointless expense as well as disposable fashion not being a very sustainable thing to do for the environment.

How To Make A Halloween Costume From Your Wardrobe

I had an idea to make a DIY witches costume from some items I already had in my wardrobe. Items that can be worn all year round, and thought I would share it with you for some spooky inspiration on how you can do the same.

I first had the idea when I purchased my Zara Guipure Lace Top a couple of weeks ago. I have worn it already with jeans and it worked very well in a casual outfit, but it also has a gothic feeling to it, so I thought it was a good item to base my Spooky Halloween Costume around.

I have styled the black lace top with some plain black trousers. Similar black trousers are hopefully an item which most people will already have in their own wardrobe. If you don’t have black trousers you could wear a black skirt mini or maxi both would give a great effect. I also had a past season black lace cardigan in my wardrobe which I have added to the costume. You could use a lace shirt, cardigan or even some black lace gloves would give a nice effect and texture.

On my feet, I am wearing my Zara Sparkle Ankle Boots. You could wear any black boots or heels anything black footwear you have. For a pop of colour I have added my Zara Metallic Sunglasses as they are a bright orange colour and really pop against the black. Also orange is a great Halloween colour being the colour of pumpkins.

To finish off the look I am wearing a dark lip colour. I have achieved this look by lining my lips with black liner and adding a dark berry lipstick. I think this is a subtle witch vibe make up look.

All of the items featured in the Halloween Costume come together to create a really witchy fancy dress look, but actually all the pieces when worn alone look completely different and are all really wearable everyday items.

I hope you like my inspiration and it helps you to make your own Halloween costume from your wardrobe. And I hope I haven’t scared you too much with my spooky witches outfit. Happy Halloween!

Gemma xx

Spooky Costume

Halloween Outfit

Zara Guipure Top

Gothic Halloween Outfit

Zara Sparkle Ankle Boots

Halloween Costume Outfit Details

Zara Guipure Lace Top

Zara Sparkle Ankle Boots

Zara Metallic Sunglasses

Zara Black Trousers (old)

Lace Cardigan (old)

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