J crew embellished tops

J.Crew Factory Haul and GoSend Service Review

Today I’m sharing with you something a little different from usual, my J.Crew Factory Haul and GoSend service review.

I was recently contacted by a company called GoSend who informed me of the advantages of shopping in the US and realized how much the UK consumers are getting charged for shipping from US retailers. As well as the ever changing prices, also cut down their product catalogues significantly to shoppers outside the US. Plus, they don’t share with us the huge sales and deals going on at their stores that U.S. shoppers have access to all the time.

I tried out GoSend to try the service out for myself and found that I was able to shop at some of my favourite online stores as if I was in America. Which was great as many times I see items of clothing and brands that are new to me on other blogs, that I have no way of getting my hands on here in the UK.  By using Gosend I got access to all special offers and sales at U.S. retailers that are not available to us in the UK through their GoShop page where GoSend highlights top deals and specials going on in the US every week at hundreds of U.S. retailers. I was also able to shop the full catalogue of goods offered by every U.S. retailer and had access the cheapest pricing on goods available. Which was when I decided that I just needed to shop at J.Crew Factory as I always see items from there that I like.

Below is a little bit about my personal experience with GoSend

  • They offer 2 membership services: a free version and a six pound per month version which is so worth it because of the big discounts and shipping costs that they extend us. I am signed up to the £6 monthly VIP service. This is great if you want to purchase a lot of products over a long timescale and collect them all up in your locker and get them shipped over altogether.


  • The way GoSend works is they give you a U.S. shipping address so when you go to checkout at any U.S. store you must enter this address as though it were your shipping address. Being that they are also in the state of Delaware there is no U.S. sales tax on any products the retailers ship to their warehouse. This is the address I would enter into the shipping details section if ordering myself.


  • For my own order I used GoSend’s Shop Assist service, which is their personal shopping option. Just by entering the URL and information regarding the item I wanted to buy I was able to pay GoSend for the product rather then the retailer and they shopped for it on my behalf. This is a great tool to use at retailers that don’t take foreign credit cards or for people who don’t want to bother with the purchasing process. I was lucky that J.Crew Factory had a special event on the day and by using GoSend to make my purchase I was able to take advantage of the saving. There was also an item that had gone out of stock whilst I was using the tool. The GoSend team got in touch very quickly and gave me the option to cancel the whole order, order without the product that had gone out of stock or cancel the whole order.


Once my order arrived at my GoSend Locker address, I got an email from them with photos of every product I bought so I could make sure everything I ordered was correct and undamaged. They also told me they were able to consolidate my many purchases into one box. This part was not really applicable to me as I purchased only from one store. This option would have saved me on shipping costs, especially when compared to what it would have been if I had shopped from the retailer directly. This is especially useful if you want to buy several items from different retailers and have them sent altogether as one package from your locker.

So now I am going to show you my J.Crew Factory haul I was able to buy using my new GoSend address. So exciting as you just can’t buy this in the UK! I’m so delighted with my little haul!

J crew embellished tops

J.Crew Lace Embroidered T-Shirt

J.Crew Sequin Panel T-Shirt

j.crew trouser socks

J.Crew Black Knitted Dress

GoSend Freebies

So all in, I got these cute J.Crew Factory T-shirts, one embellished with sequins and the other embroidered. I also got some super cute socks and a black sweater dress. GoSend were also kind enough to send an umbrella, pencil case and foldable hairbrush as a gift!

I hope you enjoyed my J Crew Factory Haul and Gosend service review. You too can try the Gosend service and get 3 months free VIP service if you enter JACQUARDFLOWER when signing up. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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