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Key Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

Today I’m covering the key fashion trends for spring 2016.

I of course being a blogger love fashion and like to keep up with the trends, however I don’t always follow them fully and like to subtly include them in my classic outfits. It all depends on how wearable I find them and how I feel that I would be able to use the item in the future. I try not to buy things just because they are on trend and instead buy things that I like and that I feel would be a good long term item.

I have already subtly featured a few of these key items over the last few weeks on the blog but in my own way that I feel is age and style appropriate for my lifestyle. Here are some of the trends that I have tried so far.

The Fringe Trend

I like fringe and think it looks lovely. I feel myself I can not wear anything too extreme as it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle but instead like it a little more subtle. I wore this Fat Face Fairisle Waterfall Cardigan recently which I think would be a nice subtle take on the trend. You could also try a fringed accessory like a small fringed bag.

Skagen Sea Glass Necklace

WoolLand Norway Bukkehoi Merino Wool Dress

Pouch Bag

I love a good pouch and find them really easy to use when not wanting to carry around a big handbag with me. They are a huge trend right now.

I recently showed you the Liberty London Pouch.

Liberty London Pouch

And I have also recently purchased this leather Scalloped Zip-Top Pouch from Boden and can’t wait to style it! It’s a fantastic price for a real leather item.

Boden Scalloped Zip-Top Pouch


I love stripes and although they are a trend for this spring they are also a classic in my opinion. They always look chic and fresh. I recently showed you this pink striped Joules top in an outfit.

Joules Embellished Jersey Top

I also embraced striped in a striped shirt and top in a recent trip to London.
Aquazzura For Target Shirt

And a striped breton hereLondon Blogger

And this beautiful Joules striped dress below:

Stripes Trend for spring 2016

Blue denim

Jeans, denim dresses, denim skirts or shirts all form key looks for this spring. Below paired with the stripes I am wearing a denim pencil skirt which is a key look for spring and a subtle take on the full on denim trend.

Joules Outfit

I also love wearing blue jeans these are a classic in my opinion and do not date so a risk free, way to embrace the denim trend. So many people wear jeans all the time so you may be embracing the denim trend without even knowing it!

London Outfit

Grey Long Sleeved Tee

Granny Chic Shoes /Mid Block Heels

I like this kind of shoe and heel height whether they are in fashion or not but lucky for me they are a key trend this spring. My favourite ones of the season so far are the Jemima Vine Matilda in python print leather which I have recently added to my wardrobe.

Jemima Vine Matilda

Key Trends 2016

More key trends to try this spring

  •  Camera Bag / Crossbody Bag Trend

Yes bags are getting smaller in fashion and a key item for this spring is a cross body or camera style bag. This trend has been around for some time and I like to wear these bags if I haven’t got a lot to carry round with me. I think buying a small bag like this could be used going forward as they are always handy to have for days out or a day to evening bag.

  • Western boots

Western style boots are a big trend this spring especially the ankle boots with a pointy front. I like them and I have been wearing western type boots.

  • Romantic Florals

I love florals and flowing dresses so am looking forward to the weather being good enough to wear these dresses again. This trend gets a thumbs up from me!

  • Pyjama Trouser/Nightie Dress Trend

This is one trend I have not really tried. I’m unsure if I will as I in the past have not found these styles flattering for my body shape. Lingere style tops and dresses usually have very thin straps and I think don’t offer much support when you have a larger chest size. I may change my mind when it comes to the spring and try some flowing pj style trousers but I’m not sure yet.

  • Off the shoulder tops

Unfortunately as much as I LOVE off the shoulder tops its not something I feel that I am able to wear. I love to see them on other people. There is an option of a cold shoulder which only has the shoulder cut out. It is a little easier to wear for me as you can still wear a bra with straps. I will probably be trying this in the spring in the form of a top with some jeans.

  • Metallic silver shoes

Silver shoes are on trend and also futuristic shapes. I currently don’t own any silver shoes but I do like them.

  • Sneakers

Always a good go to comfortable style to have on hand and something that most people already own in some form. Although I do wear sneakers when out walking or when I’m exercising  I rarely wear them in an outfit. Maybe this is one to try!

  • Slides/ mules

Mules are back in the shops and will be big this spring/ summer but also flat mules that have a covered toe and wedges will be a key style. I personally love them and will be looking for a pair this summer.

  • Puff sleeves

Yes you read that right. Puff sleeves are back and I will not be embracing this trend as I don’t find them flattering at all on me.

I hope you enjoyed the Key Trends for Spring 2016 post like I said I like the new trends but also like to work them into my classic everyday wardrobe in a subtle and wearable way. Will you be embracing any of the more full on trends or will you be taking elements of them and wearing them in your own way? Let me know in the comments section below.

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