La Solution De Chanel Review
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La Solution 10 De Chanel Review

Today for change, I thought I would share with you my La Solution 10 De Chanel Review.

La Solution 10 De Chanel is a new Sensitive Skin Cream by Chanel. I rarely buy new products for my skin as it is quite sensitive and doesn’t react well to change but this cream instantly appealed to me as it’s the first skincare product I have seen by Chanel for sensitive skin, and there are only 10 ingredients in the cream which do not include fragrance or parabens.

I very much take a simple approach to skincare and have been used to the same routine for many years, only testing out products now and again, sharing my thoughts on them and usually going straight back to the original routine quite quickly after the new product runs out.

La Solution 10 De Chanel sensitive skin cream

I purchased this cream back in December and have been using it for 1 month now and it has not irritated my skin at all. Since using the cream I have not had any breakouts at all and my skin feels comfortable and calm.

La Soloution 10 De Chanel comes in a 30ml pump and I find 1 pump, although doesn’t seem a lot when you dispense it, when you apply it, it seems to sink straight in and set to work. I think the formula must be very effective and a little goes a long way. It’s not at all greasy or drying. It just seems to work.

La Solutions De Chanel Blogger Review

This sensitive skin cream was a long time in research and has been formulated by dermatologists. Its claims are that it protects against pollution and calms and cares for the skin. The heart of the formula is Silver Needle Tea Extract which soothes, de-stresses and defends sensitive skin. It also is the rarest and most precious white tea in the world!

La Solution 10 De Chanel Ingredients

So far I have been really impressed with La Solution 10 De Chanel and I can’t say a bad thing about its effectiveness on my skin. I feel that since I have been using it, I definitely have some sort of glow to my complexion. The only downside for me is the price. It’s very pricy and at £58 for 30ml. As it’s working for me and a little seems to go a long way, I will be repurchasing it again in the future. It has really made a difference to the way my skin looks.

La Solution De Chanel Review

I hope you have enjoyed my review and I would love to know if you have tried La Solution 10 De Chanel for yourself. If you have, what did you think?



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