Lily Charmed Sterling SIlver Jewellery

Lily Charmed Silver Feather Jewellery

Today’s post is a short review on the Lily Charmed silver feather jewellery.

I was recently sent some beautiful charm jewellery from Lily Charmed. I have followed this brand for a while now and they have some beautiful affordable jewellery and specialise in charm jewellery which is made using sustainable practices and recycled materials.

Lily Charmed Silver Feather Jewellery

My choice of jewellery from Lily Charmed were some pieces that include the feather charm. The feather charm symbolises freedom and new beginnings.

The items came really well packaged and would make a beautiful gift idea as well!

Lily Charmed jewellery packaging

Lily Charmed Sterling SIlver Jewellery

Since receiving this jewellery I have been wearing it quite a lot. I especially love the sterling silver feather charm bracelet pictured below. It’s light and easy to wear and you can add more charms at any time as there are lots to choose from a Lily Charmed.

Lily Charmed Sterling Silver Feather Charm Bracelet

You can wear the feather hook earrings with the co ordinating necklace and bracelet or alone as a statement earring. They are so light and comfortable to wear.

Lily Charmed Feather Drop Earrings, Pendant and charm bracelet

The large silver feather necklace gives a whimsical feeling to my outfits and is the perfect length with the longer length chain.

Lily Charmed Large Sterling Silver Feather Necklace

Lily Charmed Sterling SIlver Jewellery

Feather Sterling Silver Charm Jewellery – c/o Lily Charmed

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