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Maybelline Colour Show Pink Bikini Review

This week I tried out a new nail polish by Maybelline. It’s in the colour show 60 seconds range and the colour is Pink Bikini.

I’m writing this review 3 days after painting my nails with Maybelline Colourshow 60 seconds in Pink Bikini, and the photos show my hands after 3 days wear so they are starting to chip.  I painted them myself using only the polish and no top coat as I wanted to see how long it lasted on its own and how hard-wearing it is without any help from other products.


Let me start by saying that I use my hands all day everyday doing household chores at home and typing so nail polishes do wear quite quickly on me.

I purchased this nail varnish as I absolutely loved the intensity of the colour, and thought it was a lovely summer shade and co-ordinated well with my outfits.

I gave my nails 2 coats of this polish and it did take just over a minute for each coat to dry.

The colour when dry is a very bright pink and dried with a nice shiny finish.

From day one, I have been doing a lot of hand heavy household jobs and heavily typed on my laptop. I have in the past had chips and peeling, from other brands after just one day, but this polish after 2 days was still going strong.

Compared to other brands I have used this nail polish has worn really well. I really like the colour and finish, and after 3 days its only just starting to chip. I recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a good quality nail polish for a good price. You really can’t go wrong!

It gets 5 stars from me.

IMG_4665After 3 days of wear.

Thanks for reading, Hope you find this useful. Gemma x

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