Haircare products for long thick hair

My Haircare Empties

I’m doing something a little different today and sharing with you my haircare empties and how after not colouring my hair for over a year, I’m feeling the benefits.

I get quite a lot of questions about what products I use on my hair so I thought I would do an empties post to show the products that I have recently used up and that I will be rebuying again. None of these are PR samples. They are all products that I have bought myself.

Haircare empties post for long thick hair

Let me start with a little background on my current hair situation. I have not coloured my hair for over a year so you may have noticed that I’m going through a grow out stage but as my hair is so long this could take about 5 years though which is such a long time.

The reason that I stopped colouring my hair was to give myself a break from chemicals in hair dye. I had also dyed my hair for so long that I wasn’t even sure what my natural colour was anymore so I really wanted to give it a chance to grow out and be natural. Over the years I have been a lot of different colours from bright red to light blonde. As I have now discovered my natural colour is brown with quite a few grey hairs appearing. I don’t mind the greys at the moment and am thinking of going a little while longer of not colouring my hair and going with my natural colour until I decide what to do with it.

I have noticed since I stopped colouring my hair it is definitely a lot healthier and shiny. I love the fact that I no longer have to spend hours at the hairdressers getting my hair done and the cost of my haircare has reduced dramatically!

On to the products… for a while last year I full switched to natural products. I tried many products on my journey but couldn’t seem to get my hair right whilst using them. So I decided to switch back to regular hair care products as my basics and add new natural products as I find them and if they work then to stick to them.


I love this Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo. It cleans my hair really well and leaves it smelling really fresh and looking shiny. I had to include it in my haircare empties as I have used this and rebought so many times over the years.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo review


Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner. I love using this conditioner in rotation with the next conditioner below. I generally alternate between the two every other wash. I also sometimes buy the 3 minute miracle conditioners instead of this one which is also really good.

Aussie Miracle Moise Conditioner Review

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner.Β This is a gorgeous conditioner which is a paraben and sulphate free product. I have been alternating this with the Aussie conditioner and I have noticed that it’s been great for my hair. It also smells so good!

She's Moisture Raw She Butter Restorative conditioner review


Every now and then, probably every 2 weeks, I like to use a treatment on my hair. I have been using a moroccan oil combo recently.

Moroccan Oil Hair Mask review

Restorative Hair Mask – This smaller size tube mask gives great results, I got the smaller size in a moroccan oil set a few months ago and combined with the oil below really works well for me.

Moroccan Oil Treatment – I love the smell of it and have found it very effective at stopping my hair from getting too dry. I usually apply this every other wash as a serum to smooth my hair after styling. I used to use it every time but found that it builds up on the hair this way and it shows on my hair. Also if you have blonde hair use this with caution as I found that when I had blonde hair that it made my hair stain orange if I used too much of it.

Haircare products for long thick hair

I hope you have enjoyed this haircare empties post and learning a little bit about my current hair routine. If you have any questions then please leave me a comment and I will answer them. Also what are your thoughts on colouring your hair? Would you embrace the grey hair and go with your natural hair colour as it changes? Let me know.

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