Necklaces perfect for layering
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Necklaces Perfect For Layering

Today I’m sharing a selection of necklaces perfect for layering.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well and are having a great week so far! I love to create different looks by layering my jewellery and wanted to share with you some lovely necklaces that look great worn alone, or layered up together to create a unique look.

I love to wear both silver and gold jewellery and sometimes choose just silver, just gold or often a mix of the two. I love to create different looks with the same pieces just by switching them up. It works with clothes and jewellery alike, almost like a capsule wardrobe for your jewellery. If you build a mix and match wardrobe of jewellery you can never get bored of them as you can get many different looks.

When choosing my jewellery, I tend to prefer precious metals over costume jewellery. Real gold can be really expensive but a great alternative is gold vermeil which is silver with gold plating, designed to last a long time and behard wearing.

Here are some of my favourite layering necklaces available in the new 2022 collections.

Necklaces Perfect For Layering

The first pieces are a beautiful selection of necklaces from Daisy London. They have navy necklaces and and even some pre-selected layering sets which can be worn alone or together as a set.

Daisy London three english daisy chain necklace

Daisy Chain Necklace Layering Set – Daisy London (There are also co-ordinating items available as seen in the photo)

daisy London Wild Daisies Necklace

Wild Daisies Necklace – Daisy London (Shown in silver but also available in gold plated)

My next selection is by British jewellery designer Alex Monroe. I love these nature inspired pieces and the below necklaces would make beautiful layering pieces.

Alex Monroe Nest Structure half circle necklace

Nest Structure Half-Circle Necklace – Alex Monroe (Shown in silver but also available in gold plated)

Alex Monroe Rosa Damasca Necklace

Rosa Damasca Necklace – Alex Monroe (Shown in silver but also available in gold plated)

My final selection is from jewellery designer Shaun Leane. I’m a huge fan of Shaun Leane’s jewellery designs. I love especially the cherry blossom collection featured below, and hope to add a piece to my collection one day!

Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom Posy Necklace

Cherry Blossom Posy Necklace – Shaun Leane (Shown in silver but also available in gold plated)

Shaun Leane Silver and Diamond small cherry blossom pendant

Silver and Diamond Small Cherry Blossom Pendant – Shaun Leane (Shown in silver but also available in gold plated)

Necklaces perfect for layering

I hope you liked the selection. Let me know your favourites in the comments section below.

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