Dr Organic Rose Otto Skincare Review
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Organic Skincare Products That I Discovered During Lockdown

Today I’m sharing some organic skincare products that I discovered during the current lockdown here in the UK.

Hi, I hope you are all doing well in this difficult time. I rarely write reviews on skincare mostly because I tend to re-buy the same products time and again when I like them but I really liked these from the first use, so wanted to feature them here on the blog.

A few weeks ago at the start of the lockdown here in the UK I was struggling to find somewhere online that had my usual skincare products in stock and could deliver them quickly so I had to find an alternative. Whilst browsing online I noticed the Dr Organic Rose Otto products and thought I would give them a try.

The products are organic and free from any synthetic ingredients as well as smelling really beautiful and being half the price of the products that I have been buying in the past. I really love rose scented products so they really appealed to me.

I have been using the Dr Organic Rose Otto facial serum, day cream, face mask and body lotion for over 4 weeks now and haven’t had any issues at all with my skin and I have sensitive skin that’s prone to break out when I change my routine.

The facial serum is more like a face oil and although being oil, it doesn’t feel greasy when I apply. The bottle seems a generous size and will last for weeks. It got absorbed into my skin fairly quickly and compliments the day cream really well.

The day cream feels really luxurious and thick but feels light on the skin and not greasy.

The Rose Otto face mask I have used once a week as a little self care relaxation moment and found it made my skin look really clear and fresh after using. It claims to be a deep cleansing mask and I feel that it did deeply cleanse my skin due to the clay content.

The final product that I have also been using is the Dr Organic Rose Otto skin lotion which is an aromatic body moisturiser. Although I like the cream it does not rank as highly for me as the face products. The rose scent is slightly different and not as scented as the face products but overall it’s quite a nice body lotion and does moisturise as well as feel light and not greasy.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Skincare Review

I hope you find this short review of Dr Organic Rose Otto products useful and if you are looking for some new products to try I highly recommend the Rose Otto range from Dr Organic.

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Have you tried these products? Let me know your thoughts as always in the comments section below.


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