Prawn And Scallop Salad With Asparagus

It’s been lovely weather today and what’s nicer than a bright, fresh salad in the sunshine?! This simple salad is quick and easy to make and even if you’re not a huge seafood lover, the mild taste of the scallops and prawns are easy on most pallets! Using mixed coloured tomatoes is a good way to engage children and encourage healthy eating.

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Pasta Free Lasagne With Aubergine & Halloumi

I thought I’d create a recipe tonight made of a few of my favourite things. My little boy has been asking for a lasagne for sometime, and as we’re cutting our grain intake, I created this version of the classic lasagne with layers of aubergine (eggplant to my friends in the US!), thick beef ragu and a rich creamy wheat free cheese sauce. No oven required!

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