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Today I’m telling you all about a new website called Sizestyler. I love online shopping and buy 90% of my wardrobe from online stores. I find that due to where I live I can not get the brands that I want to wear from local shops so I turn to online shopping. The problem is for me and many others who shop online is the massive difference in sizing when shopping different brands.

I find that I am usually different sizes in different brands and sometimes even take different sizes in the same brand. This for me is a real pain as I usually end up buying multiple sizes and return the ones that don’t fit properly or sometimes only buy one and by the time it’s arrived and been tried on and returned, the actual size I need has sold out!

Please see the image below for an example of how sizes differ between popular UK brands.

UK Womens Fashion Sizing Chart

This is where Sizestyler can help. It’s an online platform that allows you to shop clothes that will fit you based on your own body measurements. It’s a new start up and in the early stages. There is a lot of talk about it and for a good reason. The process is simple to set up. You register for free on the website by email and follow the instructions to measure your body. Once you have imputed your measurements, they save them and allow you to search across a huge amount of products and brands by size. You can shop different brands and it will let you know what size you will need in the chosen product. There are no subscriptions or fees to pay. It’s a completely free service.

I am really excited about this new service from Sizestyler. I have already registered and am keen to use it to shop online to minimise multiple size buying and returning clothes due to them being poor fitting.

Mike Bailey, the founder of Sizestyler, has over 15 years experience in the UK Fashion Retail industry and has worked for retailers such as Liberty of London and Net a Porter. He couldn’t understand why sizes changed so drastically between UK retailers so decided to solve this problem for shoppers.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the new service by Sizestyler- Shop by size really is a great idea. You can also follow them on Twitter for all the latest news.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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