personalised jewellery from John Greed
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Personalised Jewellery From John Greed

Today I’m writing a review on some personalised jewellery from John Greed.

AD | This post features jewellery that was sent by the brand featuring my own personalisation for the purpose of this review.

Personalised Jewellery From John Greed

I’m always on the look out for lovely pieces that can be personalised as they are a unique piece that’s individual to you and also make great gifts for loved ones. The large silver disc and halo handwriting necklace from John Greed stood out to me as you can get a message or an image engraved onto the disc to personalise it.

I opted for a picture of a camellia flower as it always signifies the start of spring after a long winter. It’s always a beautiful moment to see my first camellia bloom in the garden. Alternatively it’s a lovely idea perhaps to get a message written in your handwriting for a special gift with a personal touch.

It’s an easy process to order with personalisation as you simply upload a picture of your image or message and it’s then engraved onto the piece of jewellery.

John Greed large Silver Disc & Halo handwriting necklace

Large Silver Disc and Halo Handwriting Necklace – c/o John Greed

Thanks for visiting the blog and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I took these photos of the necklace in my garden, can you spot the baby grasshopper that sneaked into the pictures?

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