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Simplifying exercise: my favourite products for easier fitness

Hi everyone! Today, I’d like to share some exercise products that make my fitness routine easier.

Now that spring has arrived, I’m feeling inspired to prioritize my overall health and wellbeing, and one of my goals is to exercise more frequently. I’m a regular walker, striving to spend at least an hour outside every day, and I want to maintain this habit and push myself further during the spring and summer months. To achieve this, I rely on a few items that help make exercising more comfortable and efficient, which I’ll outline below.

Firstly, a supportive sports/running bra is an absolute must-have for me, as I have a larger bust size. A high-quality sports bra provides the support needed to move freely and exercise comfortably. I love the range of running bras offered by Brooks, which even cater to sizes up to G and offer exceptional quality.

Staying hydrated is vital during exercise, so I always carry a water bottle with me, particularly when walking or running in warmer weather.

Investing in a pair of supportive running trainers is also crucial to ensure safety and comfort while jogging or walking. With a plethora of styles and varieties available, it’s easy to find the perfect fit and design.

When exercising, I prefer to wear comfortable clothing with light layers so that I can remove my jacket if it gets warm. Lightweight jackets are easy to pack away, and if it’s waterproof, that’s a bonus during spring rain showers!

Lastly, I carry a lightweight bag to hold my phone, water bottle, and any discarded clothing layers. A lightweight backpack is perfect for this purpose.

I hope these tips are helpful to you as well. If you have any products or tips that you find useful during exercise, please share them in the comments section below!

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