Straw bag trend 2018
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Straw Bag Trend 2018

Today I’m sharing a selection of some of my picks for the straw bag trend 2018.

Straw and basket style bags are back in style again for the spring summer season and some new styles are already for sale in some of the new collections.

Straw Bag Trend 2018

Straw bags were a huge trend last summer and I loved wearing mine with all sorts of looks. A basket bag is easier to wear than you may think and goes well with all summer outfits to add a chic French Riviera vibe to your look.

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Here are some that have caught my eye already:

Zara straw bag with rounded handles

Straw bag with rounded handles – Zara

I have already purchased this one for myself so I’m looking forward to feature it in my outfit posts soon.

Topshop Barbar Straw Circle Cross Body Bag

Barbar Straw Circle Cross Body Bag – Topshop

This one is also high up on my wishlist for SS18. I love the circular shape.

Hush Homewear Santorini Bag

Santorini bag – Hush Homewear

I love the simplicity of this straw bag and think it would be great for a beach holiday.

Nannacay Mikonos pompom embellished bag

Mikonos Pom Pom embellished bag – Nannacay

I love the pom pom detailing on this basket bag from Nannacay. It adds so much fun to a simple basket bag whilst still remaining chic.

Mango Pom Pom Raffia Clutch

Pom Pom Raffia Clutch – Mango

This would be a great evening bag for the summer paired with a floaty dress and sandals.

Topshop Bali Pom Straw Tote Bag

Bali Pom Straw Tote Bag – Topshop

A fun everyday shopping bag and is great for by the pool or beach.

Straw bag trend 2018

I hope you like the straw bag selection here and let me know your favourite in the comments section below. Will you be embracing the straw bag trend 2018?

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*Image credit goes to the individual brands of the bags.

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  • Lyndi

    Ooh Gemma, this is reminding me I got a SUPER cute straw bag last summer. I absolutely love this trend. I can’t wait to pack away all my winter clothes and break out the Spring wardrobe, including my straw purse 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great week so far xo


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Lyndi x

  • StyleToLove

    I am so amazed by your post babe, keep it up!
    xx Hadasah

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Hadasah x

  • Candice @ Beauty Candy Loves

    These straw bags looks so cute!

    Candice |

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Candice. Have a lovely weekend x

  • Yiotou_La

    I need all these Gemma!!! I am looking for a straw bag for summer, last year I made a diy with an old one I had (I added pom poms) but I need a smaller one to carry with my casual outfits. The Santorini bag is perfect for summer vacation!


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Yiota, yes I remember that post! Have a lovely weekend x

  • Dressed With Soul

    I’m still in love with the basket trend! Thanks for the wonderful selection, dear Gemma!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Rena, have a lovely weekend x

  • Olga Olis

    I feel like I’ve seeing these bags everywhere lately and now I can definitelly see why! All of your picks look great!

    Olga from Myme

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Olga x

  • The Fashion Folks

    These straw bags are so cute though! Love the first one from Zara, such a classic design yet with a chic twist. Happy Wednesday love! Xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Mia x

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Loving these bags! Straw bags are so cute!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Vanessa x

  • Lorena Lorena

    Beautiful picks ! I love the black round one.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Lorena x

  • Bag at You

    Yesss absolutely love this trend! Can’t wait for Spring! Xx Susanne –

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Susanne x

  • Amy Ann Arnold

    So on trend for this season. You found so many good bags.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Amy Ann x

  • Rosa Fairfield

    I love straw bags so so much. I really need to get one.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Rosa x

  • Jodie Filogomo

    Love them all….I’m actually a little sad that I gave my straw bag away a couple of years ago…that’ll teach me…

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Jodie x

  • Tanya

    Nice selection! Love this bags!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Tanya x

  • Deborah Ferrero

    Oh yes I’m loving this trend! I think it’s cute and fresh 🙂 You picked many great bags for this post, I’m loving the first one perticularly, the one from Zara, but all of them are lovely!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Deborah x

  • NancysFashionStyle

    I always love straw bags in summer. They belong together! Great choices Gemma!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Nancy x

  • Elegant Duchess Fashion

    I love love straw bag trend!!! I do need to get a couple of new bags this season. I love your selection xx

    |Elegant Duchess|

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks x

  • Sonia / Chanel

    I have a wicker bag, not quite straw but close! I think if I found the right one, probably Kate Spade haha I would!

    S | Je M’appelle Chanel

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Sonia x

  • Heather Noire

    I love the straw bag trend! It looks so fun for Spring and Summer 🙂 Gives off a tropical feel <3

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Heather x

  • Miriam – londonkitchendiaries

    What a lovely way to create that French Riviera vibe – a really nice trend, love straw bags 🙂

    Miriam x

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Miriam, have a lovely weekend. x

  • Ankita Bardhan

    Loving the straw bag trend, makes you ready for the hot summer weather!
    Hope you’re having an amazing week!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Ankita x

  • Courtney Hardy

    These bags are so pretty! I love the pom pom one with the pom poms in a horizontal row, it’s so cute.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Courtney x

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I love your selections, Gemma. Those bags are adorable. I’m glad the straw bag has come back around in the fashion world. They are great little gems and can be carried with any outfit! – Amy

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Amy x

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    I have a straw bag from the summertime, I love it!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Jacquard Flower

      Good to hear 🙂

  • Naomella

    All straw bags are great, but my fave is the Santorini bag, so cute 🙂 Looking forward to your blog post feat. your new straw bag. xoxo

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Ivana. Have a lovely weekend. x

  • vanity And Me

    The last one! I love that. I’m looking into buying this.
    Laurie xx

    • Jacquard Flower

      It would look lovey on you Laurie x

  • Jessica

    Really lovely bags here dear. My fave would be the Santorini bag. I just love the cute circular shape. Really perfect for summer indeed.

    Jessica |

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Jessica x

  • Lesley Kim

    Straw bags are the cutest!!

    • Jacquard Flower

      I agree x

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