What to wear to the beach in the autumn
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What To Wear To The Beach In the Autumn

Today’s post is an outfit that I was wearing on my recent trip to the seaside so I thought I would put together a post on what to wear to the beach in the autumn.

For those who follow me on Instagram, you would probably already know that I took a couple of days out last week and went down to the south coast with my family for a couple of days. The first day was a perfect autumn day. Sunny, dry and a little windy but not too cold. This is my favourite weather to be by the coast as it’s not too hot or cold and you can enjoy walking around without having to wear heavy layers. The place we stayed was in East Devon which is in the south of the UK. This area of Devon is known as an area of outstanding natural beauty. I love going on holidays to Devon and Cornwall as they have the prettiest beaches and at this time of the year it’s not too busy so we had the beach all to ourselves!

I was wearing some jeans, ankle boots, striped tee and my favourite grey cardigan. Light layers are best for this kind of weather as you can easily add or take off a layer if it gets warmer or colder throughout the day. As you will see form the photos, the beach is a pebble beach so wearing flat ankle boots or wellies is the best idea in the autumn. I hope you like the look and there are some extra pictures of the location.

Let me know as always what you thoughts are on what to wear to the beach in the autumn in the comments section below and have a lovely Sunday!

What to wear to the seaside in the autumn

Autumn Beach Outfit

Autumn Holiday Outfit

What to wear when you visit the british coast

Devon Jurassic coast photo

UK Beach Holiday Jurassic Coast

Devon Nature Photos

Devon Sea Pictures

Petit bateau Striped Tee Outfit

White Stuff Peckham Grey Cardigan

What to wear on a pebbled beach

Seagull flying out to sea Devon

Devon Beach picture

Sea View Picture Devon

Seagull On beach Picture

Blue Sea Devon Picture

What to wear to the beach in the autumn and winter

Outfit Details

Cardigan c/o White Stufficon

Striped Tee c/o Petit Bateau

Boden Jeans

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