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Winter Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Roundup

Today I’m sharing a winter capsule wardrobe outfits roundup.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Roundup

If you have been reading the blog for a while you may have noticed that I’m wearing a lot of my items on repeat, whilst shopping a little less and dressing more in a capsule wardrobe style.

This is the first season that I have tried this way of dressing so it has been trial and error. I haven’t done anything drastic like getting rid of everything I own. I have packed a lot of my stuff away out of sight so that I could focus on what’s in the capsule wardrobe and below are some of the outfit combinations.

As some of my items in the capsule are a few seasons old, I have added in a couple of classic looks from last winter where you can see how I was wearing the items previously just to give some more inspo.

All of the items in my capsule wardrobe are classic pieces that many of you probably already own yourself, so hopefully, if you are looking to take on this type of wardrobe, then this post will be helpful to you to use some of the items you have in your own wardrobe.

I have enjoyed creating the different combinations and think this is definitely something that I could get used to long term. But I’m not sure if I could be so strict with myself as not to add to the capsule when I see items that I love. But with that in mind I have been shopping a lot less and thinking hard before buying new and would like to carry this on.

This post features outfits from only 21 items of clothing. The 21 seemed to be a good number for me but you may need more or less depending on your working or social life. I think in the future I would probably add a another top, sweater and a dress to my wardrobe.

I have tried to group the outfits together into the categories of the most worn pieces with a few extras so I hope you enjoy the roundup of 24 outfits.

Zara Black Mohair Jumper AW18

Black Jumper, Blue Jeans, Mid Heel Boots

Casual wardrobe outfit ideas black leather skirt

Black Jumper, Leather Skirt, Mid Heel Boots

Zara Black Jumper With Patterned Skirt And Mid Heel Ankle Boots

Black Jumper, Patterned Skirt, Mid Heel Boots


Leopard Coat, Cream Jumper, Blue Jeans, Mid Heel Boots

Leopard Print Coat, Black Tee, Black Jeans, Flat Ankle Boots

Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Leopard Print Coat

Leopard Print Coat, Striped Top, Jeans, Trainers

Black Classic Coat, Patterned Blouse, Black Jeans, Mid Heel Ankle BootsClassic Black Coat Outfit

Classic Black Coat, Black Long Sleeved Tee, Black Jeans, Trainers

Stand Classic Black Coat and Acne Studios Checked Skirt

Black Classic Coat, Scarf, Black Jeans, Black Tee, Flat Boots

Capsule Wardrobe Checked Scarf Outfit

Cream Jumper, Black Jeans, Checked Scarf, Mid Heel Boots

(Added in this look from last season as it shows three of the pieces in the capsule wardrobe styled together)


Striped jumper, Blue Jeans, Classic Black Coat, Flat Boots

Zara camel and black striped jumper outfit

Striped Jumper, Black trousers, Smart flats

Vintage Faux Fur With Striped Jumper and Black Jeans

Vintage Faux Fur Coat, Striped Jumper, Black Jeans, Trainers

Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Vintage Faux Fur Coat

Vintage Faux Fur Coat, Patterned Skirt, Black Tee, Flat Boots

Capsule Wardrobe Black Blazer Outfit

Black Blazer, Black Tee, Blue Jeans, Flat Boots

Zara Chain print Skirt outfit

Black Blazer, Black Tee, Patterned Skirt, Trainers

Capsule Wardrobe Black Blazer Outfits

Black Blazer, Animal Print Blouse, Blue Jeans, Trainers

Zara Black Blazer With Whistles Tiered Skirt Outfit

Black Blazer, Black Tee, Patterned Skirt, Black Flat BootsShopping My Wardrobe Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

Leopard Print Top, Cardigan, Black Jeans, Flat Boots

Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Burgundy and black

Leopard Print Top, Classic Black Coat, Leather Skirt

How to style a grey poncho

Jeans, Black Long Sleeved Tee, Boots, Poncho

Grey Pocho Outfit Capsule Wardrobe

Grey Poncho, Black Top, Black Jeans, Trainers

(I added in this outfit from last winter as the poncho is one of my older pieces. I styled it here with some black jeans, long sleeved black jumper and trainers.)

Capsule wardrobe Green Faux Fur Coat Casual Outfit

Green Faux Fur Jacket, Black T-shirt, Blue Jeans, Trainers

How to style a green faux fur coat

Green Faux Fur Jacket, Black Long Sleeved Tee, Black Trousers

What’s in my capsule wardrobe?

Capsule Contents (21 Items) I have labeled into two sections. The staples are the items that I wear a lot, on contact rotation and occasional are items that I find that I have used less often.

4 coats – 1 leopard print (pre-loved) 1 green faux fur jacket (pre-loved) 1 black classic coat (Stand Studio), 1 vintage faux fur coat (old)(staples)

3 jeans – 2 blue and one black (staples) Zara & H&M

1 black blazer (staple) Zara

3 long sleeved tops – 1 black, 1 leopard, 1 striped (staples) Black (Boden) Leopard (Whistles past season) Striped (Joules)

3 jumpers – Black, striped and cream (staples) Black jumper & Striped jumper – Zara | Cream Jumper – H&M

1 black trousers (occasional) H&M

2 patterned skirts (occasional) Mine are from Zara (current) and Whistles (past season)

1 leather skirt (occasional) Whistles (past season)

1 printed blouse (occasional) Zara

1 cardigan (occasional) H&M past season

1 poncho (occasional) H&M past season

1 scarf (occasional) Acne Studios past season

I have not yet created a capsule including footwear and bags so have just been wearing whichever bag suited the outfit and these four styles of footwear:

Trainers, Ballerina style shoes, Flat boots, Mid heel boots

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Would you like to see more of these types of mix and match outfits?

Finally I wanted to thank you all for your continued support on the blog this year. I’m going to be taking a few days off now to spend some time with my family. If you celebrate the holidays then Happy Holidays to you. If not then I hope you enjoy the final days of 2018. I look forward to catch up with you all in 2019!

Gemma x

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