Wonderluk 3D printed Jewellery
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Wonderluk 3D Printed Jewellery

Today I’m telling you all about a new jewellery style here in the UK by Wonderluk 3D Printed Jewellery.

Wonderluk 3D Printed Jewellery

Wonderluk is a new start-up business in the UK that produces, made to order, unique 3D printed jewellery. Wonderluk and its avant-garde design jewellery is like nothing I have ever seen before and I was delighted to get the opportunity to show a bracelet to you today on the blog.

The Chaos Bracelet was my item of choice. Designed by Anya Popover. It’s inspired by the 1960’s and represents organised chaos of the lives of successful women. Quite similar to my own life, I love to use the word organised chaos! It’s part of the Neo Pop art collection which has matching pieces to the bracelet.

I chose the black version, but it comes in lots of other colours. The bracelet is made by fusing particles of nylon together. It gives a beautiful finish with it’s wood like layers. There are also items on the website that are crafted out of silver and gold. This looks so special and I think would really make a wonderful gift.

There is a team of designers that work with Wonderluk and they all have different distinctive styles that make each collection at Wonderluk really stand out from the crowd.

I think the Chaos bracelet is really something unusual and I can’t wait to style it into some of my outfits! Today is Christmas Eve so I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas! Please let me know what you think of Wonderluk 3D Printed Jewellery in the comments section below. Happy Holidays!

Wonderluk Chaos Bracelet

Wonderluk Jewellery

Wonderluk Bracelet

Wonderluk 3D printed Jewellery

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