Zara Bandana Printed Dress
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At The Marina In Red

This morning I went to a Marina and took a lovely walk around, too look at the boats, and had a cup of coffee in the Marina cafe. It was such a beautiful setting and I knew it would be the perfect place to shoot the pictures for today’s outfit post.

I am wearing a Zara Printed Dress with tights, my Boden Boho Boots, and my Joules Charming Sheep Necklace. I love the bandana style print on the dress and I love the bright red colour. It is a little shorter than I would usually wear but pairing it with black tights made all the difference for me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I love boats and being close to water especially on a sunny day. It was such a peaceful morning walking around in the sun and it has put me in a great mood ready for the weekend ahead. I have often considered renting one of these boats and taking a short break. I think it would be great fun and really relaxing.

I hope you have a great Friday and would love to know if anyone is doing anything exciting over the weekend? Gemma xx

Zara Printed Dress

Zara Red Printed Dress

Joules Charming Sheep Necklace

At the Marina

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Long Hair

Asks Cat Eye Sunglasses

Red ZAra Tunic

Zara Bandana Dress

Zara Bandana Printed Dress

Zara Dress

Outfit Details

Zara Printed Dress

Boden Boho Boots

Joules Charming Sheep Necklace

Asos Cat Eye Sunglasses (old)

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