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Daytime To Date Night Part 2

Today I’m sharing with you the second part of my Daytime to Date Night Series. Yesterday, I showed you the first part; the casual daytime look. With a simple change I am showing you how I took that outfit to my date night dinner.

This outfit is perfect for a dinner date. Where I live there are many country pubs and restaurants so it’s still quite casual. Dressing up too fancy would stand out too much. I do like at add a little more of a feminine touch to a date night outfit though and the best way was a simple change of top. This would be great to carry in your bag to work and change at the office if you were leaving straight from there.

The top I am using for my date night outfit is the Apricot Clothing Red Lace Double altered Long Sleeved Top. This was gifted to me from Apricot Clothing along with the Burgundy Draped Front Tunic Top which was the feature of the daytime outfit in part 1 of my Daytime to Date Night series.

I selected this top for 4 reasons:

  • I love the colour as it’s deep red a great autumn and winter colour.
  • I love lace and I think it adds a real feminine touch to an outfit.
  • I like the fact that it is double layered as it is not see through at all.
  • The price is amazing as it is on sale and although I didn’t buy it as it was gifted, I thought it would be a great item to show you for the price. It’s the perfect top for me, that I love and would wear again and again.

The outfit went down really well for the occasion. I felt really nice in the top and the waxed jeans felt more dressy than normal jeans due to them having a waxy sheen.

My new AllSaints Paradise Satchel Bag is the perfect size for day and night. I tucked the shoulder strap inside the bag and used it as a clutch. It’s big enough to house the daytime top if you are going from work to your dinner date. Also big enough to fit your makeup to retouch before you go out.

I hope you have enjoyed the Daytime To Date Night posts. Let me know which look you preferred at the bottom in the comments section. I have included a picture of both outfits at the bottom to compare.

Evening outfit

Red Lace Top

daytime to Date Night

Apricot Red Lace Double Layered Top

Long Hair

Biden High Rise Super Skinny

AllSaints Paradise Satchel Bag

AllSaints Paradise Bag

AllSaints Paradise Satchel

Date Night Fashion

Red Lace Blouse

Boden waxed Jeans

Boden Waxed Trousers

Evening Outfit Inspiration

Red Lace top and Jeans

Outfit Details & Shop The Look

Daytime Top: Apricot Clothing Burgundy Draped Front Tunic Top

Dinner Date Top: Apricot Clothing Red Lace Double Altered Long Sleeved Top

Boden High Rise Super Skinny in waxed navy

AllSaints Paradise Satchel Bag in cement and lead

Zara High Heel Court Shoes

Asos Sunglasses

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Apricot Draped Tunic Top

Evening Outfit Inspiration

Daytime to Date Night

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