Gousto Box Review
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Gousto Box Review

Today, I am sharing with you my experience with online dinner ordering and reviewing the Gousto Box.

For those of you that have never heard of them, Gousto are an online company based in the UK and they deliver fresh food to your door in the form of ingredients to make your chosen recipe. They invited me to review the service and products, so that I could feature them on my blog. I love cooking healthy whole foods, so I was delighted with the opportunity and immediately agreed.

They sent me 3 different dishes that each fed two people. As there is 4 in our house I made two meals on the first evening for dinner and then the next day cooked the left over meal for lunch.

Here is what they sent:

  • Sausage Cassoulet
  • Chinese Pork Rice
  • Jewelled Chicken Freekeh

Though these were sent at random, when you order online you have choice of around 10 meals. They change weekly recipes and with the portions starting at just Β£4, it’s great value for a fresh meal with free delivery.

One of the great things about this concept is only buying the exact amount of food you need for each meal. Food wastage in the UK, as well as globally, is a huge problem and it’s great to be able to only buy exactly what you need.

The box arrived at my door in perfect condition I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I opened it up and it was full of lovely healthy fresh food. None of it was damaged as it was so well packaged. The meat was inside a sealed bag which contained ice and a wool cool pack so it was perfectly chilled and ready to transfer to the fridge. Here’s what was inside.

Inside a Gousto Box

Gousto Box

It also contained a lovely note saying who packed the box (Phillip packed it with love) and three recipe cards with step by step instructions on how to cook the meals. Each ingredient is measured and labelled so it’s really easy to sort into the different recipes.

Gousto also feature the recipes on YouTube if you need that extra bit of help which is a neat and clever idea.

I cooked the Sausage Cassoulet first with my daughter who loved reading out the step by step instructions and passing me everything I needed. We all had a small plate of that each and it was delicious. For two the portion size would be perfect.

We then went on to cook the Chinese Pork Rice where my son took the lead. He loves cooking and even won a baking competition at school this year so a budding chef in the making! The portions sizes are really generous and would make 2 large dinners but again we shared it between the 4 of us so we could all have a try.

The children loved the idea of the Gousto Box as we had never tried anything it was totally new to them that you could just be sent everything all ready to cook and we had really good fun making and eating.

I cooked the Jewelled Chicken Freekeh the day after for lunch for me and my partner and again went well and generous portions. Lets put it this way he didn’t moan that he was still hungry which is a bonus!

Here is what the finished dishes looked like when I served them.

gousto Sausage CassouletSausage Cassoulet


Gousto Chinese Pork RiceChinese Pork Rice


gousto jewelled chicken freekeh Jewelled Chicken Freekeh


I hope you enjoyed reading my Gousto Box review. Overall I was really happy with the delivery and quality of products and the customer service I received was really top quality. Thank you Gousto sending my love back at you!

Let me know what you think as I love to read every one of your comments. Would you buy online meals like this? What do you think of the concept?

Gemma xx


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