Today I wanted to share with you these new shoes of mine in an outfit post, the Jemima Vine Matilda Python Court Shoes that I have recently added to my wardrobe.

I also wanted to introduce you to the fabulous British brand that you may not be aware of. Jemima Vine are a London based shoe company who has a gorgeous selection of flats and mid heels all made in Spain in a family run factory. The company launched in 2012 and has been growing ever since sending shoes to women across the globe.

The Matilda Python Court Shoe that I am showing you today are currently half price in the sale and for the price I think they are a great buy for spring 2016. They are so soft leather and extremely comfy and I think they will become a staple of my wardrobe as they will go with so many outfits. I think jeans and dresses alike would work with the shoes. Work, shopping trips and even a dinner date would be a great chance to wear them.

It’s always useful to have a chunky knit cardigan in your wardrobe that you can use as a coat. I’m using my Zara Frayed Edge Coat which I have had for a while now. I have paired it will an all black outfit and bag. The statement piece here in the outfit really are the Jemima Vine Shoes. They are perfectly on trend for 2016 with the mid heel.

What do you think of the Jemima Vine Matilda Python Court Shoes?

Spring 2016 Outfit Inspiration

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Yoshi Hepworth Clutch Bag

Nora Norway Bracelet

Black Jeans Outfit

Jemima Vine Pumps

Jemima Vine Shoes

Python Mid Heels

Zara Frayed Edge Coat

Jemima Vine Court Shoes

Jemima Vine Matilda Shoes

Outfit Details

Zara Frayed Edge Coat (old)

Black Jeans (old)

Yoshi Hepworth Envelope Clutch Bag

Zara Guipure Lace Blouse (old)

Asos Fine Framed Cat Eye Sunglasses

Jemima Vine Matilda Shoes

Bangles by Tiffany & Co, Vintage and Nora Norway UK

  • Melange-Boutique by Noe&Lolita

    *_* ooooohhhh they are really beautiful i’m in love with them too

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

    Instgram Melange-Boutique

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked them 🙂

  • Ailyn Koay

    that boot is definitely made for walking all over someone XD

    • Jacquard Flower

      Haha for sure!

  • Linda Libra Loca

    I am basically living in chunky knits at the moment, and such shoes would add a lot to my every day outfit, but even the tiniest heel gives me cramps in the legs at the moment, so it is all sneakers for me.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Jacquard Flower

      Oh no that’s a shame but not long to go 🙂

  • Paola

    Cool coat and these shoes are everything!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much dear Paola. x

  • Trishna

    I love your coat, it looks so warm and cozy ♥

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Trishna. xx

  • Beautetude

    Great shoes. I really love your coat too.

    • Jacquard Flower



    I have an obsession with clutches/ pouches and I really love yours! Cute shoes too. Enjoy your week!


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much xx

  • Lauren Farrell

    Gemma, the texture and color of that coat is amazing! Your flats have such beautiful details too! Love this whole look! Have a wonderful week ahead!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Lauren have a great week too xx

  • Not My Circus

    Loving this heel height lately! These were a great addition! XX


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Hannah me too you can actually walk in them even if wearing all day! Gemma xx

  • Tash Collier

    You look so great! So digging that cardi though! 🙂


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Tash! xx

  • Danielle

    Love these shoes! So gorgeous! Have an excellent week!


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Danielle you too xx

  • Kelly M

    What do I think? I think they are seriously gorgeous 🙂 Very Chanel esque.. A classic style that will always be flattering and beautiful. Definitely will withstand the test of time. Thank you for sharing!


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks for your kind words Kelly, glad you like them babe. xx

  • Sora

    Gorgeous shoes! They go so well with your jacket too.

    Via Sora

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much Sora. xx

  • Toyas Tales

    Thank you for introducing me to Jemima Vine. Your shoes are cute and I loved your whole look. I am really loving your Zara coat as well.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Toya, So glad you like the look and Jemima Vine are definitely worth checking out. Gemma xx

  • Charlotte

    You can get that print in marks and spencers on shoes. That cardi is gorgeous!
    Charlotte //

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks! x

  • Kathleen Buytaert

    those shoes seem really comfortable !

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Kathleen they are so comfortable to wear. x

  • danielle

    love the whole look, the shoes are especially awesome!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Danielle. xx

  • Ela BellaWorld

    Chunky cardigans are great for these weathers, they will keep you warm and also look really chic! I don’t really wear this style shoes, but they look pretty and the pattern is the best bit! xx

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Ela. xx

  • Shireen

    I swear you can never look bad, Gemma! You’re always look so sophisticated and chic, one hot mama!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Jacquard Flower

      Haha thanks Shireen 🙂

  • Jalisa

    Wow, these are gorgeous, Gemma! I love everything about them. The heel height and shape is perfect and I of course love the snakeskin print with the cap pointed toe. These are incredibly chic and I believe that they’ll not only carry you well into spring 2016, but beyond; they look so classic!

    I love brands that are family owned, it has such an intimate feel that usually carries over in the customer service and heart of the brand. Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a lovely day so far!



    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Jalisa, I agree they will last and stay classic for a very long time! I’m glad you liked them. Have an amazing day! Gemma xx

  • Anouk

    Oh, I really love the shoes. They look very elegant and the heel is perfect, i.e. a ‘walkable’ height 🙂

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so true! I could wear them all day and have no issues. xx

  • Stripes n Vibes

    Those shoes are everything! Absolutely irresistible!


    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Tanya, really pleased you like them 🙂

  • Ileana Druetta

    Those shoes are so beautiful! I love this look !



    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks xx

  • Besugarandspice

    You look awesome!!Love the shoes!!Kisses!!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Lara. xx

  • Style Tomes

    Those shoes go so well with the coat! Gorgeous. 🙂

    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks so much! Gemma xx

  • Zarrah Jane

    That is a cool shoes.
    I love the pythin skin details.

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Zarrah xx

  • Maireem Maneje

    Absolutely love the shoes! -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks xx

  • thefashionsalt

    I love the shoes! I really like the block heel and the colours in them. They look like they would go with almost anything. I love how you paired them with the coat and those bangles. Beautiful outfit!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thanks Lili, I think so too, xx

  • Amanda

    Such a chic outfit! These shoes are everything, I feel like the style is timeless, along with the print and cap toe. Shoes like these can be worn so many ways!

    • Jacquard Flower

      Thank you Amanda. I totally agree. Have a great day. Gemma x