Swig Naked Hip Flask

Valentines Gift Inspiration – SWIG Naked Hip Flask

Today I’m showing you a luxury item that would me a great gift for valentines or a birthday, the SWIG Naked Hip Flask.

I was kindly sent the Hip Flask from SWIG to show you on the blog and I though it would make a nice gift. The hip flask came beautifully packaged in a gift box with a ribbon. I felt like it had the special present feel about it due to the packaging being really lovely quality. The Hip Flask itself is an absolutely beautiful piece. It’s called the naked hip flask as it comes without a sleeve or pouch. It’s actually really pristine and shiny. It’s made from one solid piece of stainless steel so it will never leak. When purchasing this particular flask, SWIG also offer an engraving service to add that special message to your loved one. A lovely touch I think.

About SWIG

SWIG is a worldwide luxury hip flask brand. They pride themselves on quality and each hip flask offers a lifetime guarantee. They are designed to last for generations so great to pass down the family!

I hope you enjoyed this little gift inspiration post for Valentines day. Please let me know your thoughts as always in the comments section below your thoughts on the SWIG naked Hip Flask.

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