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September 2015

Sausage avocado and egg salad
Food, Lifestyle

Sausage Avocado And Egg Salad

I haven’t posted a recipe for a while and today for lunch I made Sausage, Avocado and Egg Salad for my family. I thought I would share this with you as it’s a great replacement for the traditional Full English fry up that us Brits love so much.

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Crew Clothing Sally Dress
Fashion, Lifestyle, Nature

Seashells in September 2

Today I am wearing My Crew Clothing Sally Dress. Last week I showed you how I styled this dress for a late summer look, and mentioned that I planned to wear it also over the autumn as well. Today I have styled it in a way that it can be worn as the seasons change.

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Boden Velvet Coat
Fashion, Lifestyle

Velvet, Pearls And Stripes

Today I am wearing a classic outfit with pearls and stripes including my Boden Velvet Coat.

I thought I would take some quick pics when giving Honey my little dog her lunch time walk. We have already been on a huge walk this morning in more comfortable attire and I’m ready to go out to visit family so I’ve gone for a smart casual look today.

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